Wounded Healer Quotes

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4 thoughts on “Wounded Healer Quotes

  1. Thankyou for this and the wounded healer archetype post. I feel very wounded at the moment and realise I need to heal as much as I can. I have looked back at events and wondered why things have happened and it starts to make sense. I need to go through the darkness to experience it, and heal it. Its the only way to be able to have genuine empathy. As much as I hate the pain, I possibly wouldn’t have it any other way because I cant sit back and watch the world and people go to ruin.

    • Everything is going to be okay. I fully believe you will heal and I fully believe you are special and gifted. There is a reason for all your pain and there will be a special and unique purpose for you. I’m not going to lie it is extremely painful and extremely lonely but you need faith that you will be supported – maybe not by friends yet ..but in other ways. You are very strong and you will have challenges but you will be that 5% that does find peace and happiness.
      I’m sorry you are going through so much and it’s not fair – there are many others out there that feel similar to you, just not in your immediate circle, but they are out there.
      It takes strong people to heal, find real happiness and be an example.

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