Emotional Intelligence and Intuition

 Trust your instincts. You need to..again. Sigh. But I actually want this print for myself..it's cute for Brooks' room!
*Guest Post
Recently I’ve noticed that at times I’m able to “sense” otherwise unknown information about strangers I encounter.
The first time this happened to me I was in a car with a woman whom I just met literally few minutes before. While chatting with her I almost immediately begun to have a feeling that I was in a “presence” of diabetes.The strange sensation and my persistent thoughts “confirming” it weren’t simply going away.  So I finally changed the topic of our conversation with a direct question:”Do you have a diabetes?” I asked.The woman squinted her eyes while looking straight at me.

“Yes, I do.” She answered.

I explained to her the reason why I asked such personal question. She seemed more intrigued than surprised.

About a week later, I met a guy who within the time frame of introduction, before he even got the chance to speak, gave me a feeling that he was from New York City. It was that same strong sensation I had when conversing with the woman who had diabetes. Curious to know whether in fact my intuition has been sharpening lately, I asked him:

“Are you from New York City?”

He turned his head around to look, I guess, for the possible source of my information. I laughed.

“How did you know?” He asked me in reply. I explained to him what has been happening to me lately.

“This is freaking me out!” He said half jokingly, half seriously.

I know, this stuff is pretty new to me too, but I have some ideas as for what could be responsible for my ability to know things in such intuitive way.

Reason number 1:

I believe that  a while ago when I made a conscious decision to always follow my heart and to never ignore my gut feeling, was when I started to enhance my intuitive abilities. I am convinced that every single one of us is born with such skills. While growing up we lose this incredibly useful tool since we are taught at an early age to ignore (suppress) our feelings.

In the society we live in, being well educated, being smart and clever is more important than being intuitive. If you think about it; almost everyone seems to value more the level of IQ over the inner wisdom. And that’s what sharpened intuition (psychic abilities) is — an inner wisdom we all possess, and which sadly only few seem to be able to access.

It only makes sense that unless we use something on regular basis, we run into a risk of losing it….

So, if we continue to keep giving all the importance to our minds, and our brains, while ignoring our feelings, chances are we’ll never know how truly emotionally intelligent we are!

Reason number 2:

I have a good reason to suspect that my decision of becoming a vegan had also something to do with this phenomena. Since my assuming of this drastic change in my dietary habits, I’ve noticed that my mind has been a lot more sharper as well. I tend to “pick up” on people’s energy a lot faster, and with more accuracy than I used to when eating “regular” food.

No matter what I am being told, and no matter what body language the person I’m conversing with is assuming, I can sense whether I’m hearing the truth, or not. It does get very interesting. I admit, I’ve been having some fun with it… :)

This “phenomena” (I feel like not being able to do this is more phenomenal-like, actually) continues to amuse me. It seems to be not limited to space, for example. I can have those sensations while conversing with someone online who’s distant from me as well.

The “funny” part is that all this hasn’t been freaking me out at all. It seems perfectly natural. I feel as we’re all able to do so.

Finally, reason number 3:

I’ve got a feeling that my decision of consciously forgiving and accepting everything, including myself, had a lot to do with this recent development.

It’s almost as if forgiveness and acceptance had cleared whatever negative energies I’ve been surrounding myself with for so long. Forgiveness, as well as gratitude and positive thinking allowed me to access, what some might call; a higher level of energy. Hence, it’s very probable that my recent experiences are “sponsored” by higher vibrations.

Visualizing of what I desire, (as opposed to focusing on what I hate) as well as acting as if I already have everything I want, may have also a lot do with with all this.

Obviously, all those observations are simply my conclusions, not some scientific facts, of which I really don’t care too much about.

Guest Post
* The Gift Of Depression is one of my newest and so far favorite websites/ blogs relating to one woman’s recovery from 30+ years of depression and the wisdom she gained. Check it out
Source: thegiftofdepression.com

5 thoughts on “Emotional Intelligence and Intuition

  1. Perhaps all of those reasons cleared the way, but whoever wrote this blog obviously has a prophetic gift. It is a spiritual gift and although the choices we make can help develop the gift it is given by God. And like all of Gods good gifts can be used for good or evil. My suggestion would be for the author to read some of Jack Hammons books written for those with this gift that are seeking ways to use their gift for good and also want to learn some of the pitfalls that need to be avoided while operating in the prophetic.

    • Yes I believe that. I believe we all have gifts – all different but all can be used in a healthy way or an unhealthy way. I also believe that weak people choose to do evil things because it is easier than doing the right thing. The woman who wrote this blog is learning about her gift and from reading her other posts has a good heart. I’m trying to understand my own gifts at present, it is a process of making some mistakes ..

  2. Oops big reply :o)

    She has a big story and an underlying passion to help others heal, so I guess she will figure out in time how to use it that way.
    Often in the beginning, understanding these gifts is a combination of fascination, mistakes, growth and learning.
    You are right about the pitfalls and dark and light side to every gift.
    I write about some of the different gifts and challenges in my ‘archetypes catergory’, and
    I think any good person will learn from their own mistakes.
    I think what she will learn that it is an amazing gift.. and not merely a novelty.
    I guess she’s excited right now but it will ‘come back and bite her’ as it always does and she will learn.
    It happens to all of us – well the good ones anyway :o)
    Thanks for your comment – for me it’s come at the right time..
    I am also very intuitive and my strongests gift is that of a visionary – I often wonder how I am meant to use it and in the past it felt more of a curse than a gift as I struggled how to understand it.
    I don’t believe I should use it until I am fully healed, in a good space and only for the use of people who require deeper help and ask for it.
    I believe all gifts they have the power to hurt or heal and hurting people is not my intention – although I have made mistakes unintentionally.. even as recent as yesterday.. you learn often in painful ways before you get it right.
    I believe my gift developed from a combination of things 1. what this woman talks about 2. It’s passed down through my own family 3. It is highly developed due to dissociation as a child from the effects of stress and ptsd and 4. ultimately it a gift from God and is intended to be understood and used to help in the healing of others.
    Blessing to you..

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