6 thoughts on “Early Childhood Stress and Depression

    • Hi girlblogger123, I read your post and I’m sorry you have such awful experiences on planes. Can I ask if you have high anxiety or panic attacks or feelings of high stress or breathlessness anywhere else – like taxis, an elevator, or movie theater etc..?

      • This does sound like you suffer from high stress and anxiety.
        This kind of internal stress can make you feel so tired all the time because it takes a lot of your emotional energy,
        Before delving or questioning into the deeper causes on why or who you are losing emotional energy to – there are a few things you can do to reduce the stress in your life and gain more energy.
        Eating healthy can help – 6 smaller meals a day reducing sugar and processed foods.
        This is not the answer but it will help reduce your stress levels and anxiety and help you feel stronger and clearer before you start looking into the real origins of your lack of inner peace.

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