Mental Illness and Bad Relationships

Another great post by Annie at gentlekindness


I have noticed that a lot of people with mental illness are sensitive, compassionate people. Many of us were mentally abused as children by our parents or as adults in domestic abuse situations.

Many of us experienced both dysfunctional families as children as well as domestic abuse as adults. Due to having been forced to tolerate abuse as a child, we ended up in similar relationships as adults. We have no frame of reference to make proper choices. It must be learned the hard way.

The chances are that we were born with sensitive personalities. We are sensitive to how others feel more than other people are.  We get our feelings hurt easily and we notice when others are displeased with us quickly. In addition, we have had our self esteem damaged from mental abuse.

It is difficult for us to attain and maintain healthy relationships. We end up with…

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