‘Leaving Normal’ – (1hr 50 mins)

Bittersweet comedy about the spiritual journey of two hurting women who help heal each other.

It’s also about the delights which can come our way when we give up trying to control our lives.

Best of all, the film is about finding a place which we can call home where our imperfections are accepted.

It’s never too late to start all over again, especially when there’s someone who cares to share the adventure.

Meg Tilly and Christine Lahti (1992)

3 thoughts on “‘Leaving Normal’ – (1hr 50 mins)

  1. I Identify with Marianne (the woman with black hair) very much. She has all the tendencies of an INFP. Her new found friend seems very much like a an ESFJ. A great match. Lovely film, first time ive seen it. I tried something similar last year, and now I sort of regret coming back home after a couple of months, which felt very wrong. I can see in hindsight that I hadn’t given things quite enough time, the bouncing around can be daunting, its scary and you feel like you are going nowhere. Anyway, I can also see I have really needed to heal a little more and gain more knowledge to make any future attempts much more successful :)
    Im glad she ran away at the beginning of the film, and eventually found her way to her true home. thanks for sharing this :)

    • Happy you watched the movie :o)
      You would have done the right thing for you at the time.

      I identify with the woman with the black hair also, and from your comment I realize I too had a friend like the one she had. We were opposites but we really cared for each other, probably needed each other and balanced each other out at the time … she had had a hard life in a different way – After quite some time, I had to let the friendship go in the end – I think I needed to grow more and she wanted to have fun and ‘run’ away from her issues. In retrospect I believe I want to move on with no unfinished business from my past and more balance in myself whereas she was not ready for that at the time.
      Hey – thanks for helping me see that..
      I loved the movie but my story will end a little differently :o)

      • Ahh, yes. The saying – “Wherever you go, there you are” springs to mind
        I totally agree though, nothing ends up the way we expect. :)

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