Dawn Drive

Dawn Driving


At 5 am this morning I was giving my son his first driving lesson and before 6 am we were walking our dog along a local beach.

This is not our usual :o)

The reason we were out and about so early was that we went to the markets to sell items. We both got up around 3.30am and drove all the way, only to discover the market was closed today (between Xmas and New Year). We both laughed instead of grumbled about our early morning outing.

We decided not to go home and instead I gave my son his first driving lesson in the dark, first around our local supermarket, he then drove on the road for a while and after that we hit the beach.

The beach was stunning! The morning light was beautiful in its pink and gold hues and there were a few others up and about – some getting their kayaks out, a few with dogs, one local lady had brought her mug of coffee to the beach.

We may just make this ‘our’ usual.

Getting up early and seeing the sun come up on a beautiful day has a magic and peace. Such beauty and calmness in the air at that time :o)



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