Soul Pruning

For those of us healing from psychological injury due to trauma, neglect or abuse – this is a great post from New Soulz regarding soul healing.

New Soulz

Soul loss is something that few are aware of but many have experienced. It is when we experience emotional, physical or mental injuries that causes us to be psychologically traumatized. Many do not take the time to truly heal from these traumas and end up hurting themselves or others, whether physically or emotionally. Often it is a coping mechanism for dealing with traumatic events that become too hard to handle. The results are often depression, stagnation, isolation, and dissociation.

I myself have experienced soul loss through disappointment and emotional pain over a long period of time. It caused me to be depressed, to be anxious about everything and to distrust everyone. I felt myself slipping to a dark place of anger and bitterness. Imagine how it would be to feel that you have no one to trust and that everyone will hurt you eventually. I was like David who…

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