Healing the Wounded Child

As the wounded child heals, he learns to accept all people – even those whose behavior was evil towards him. He develops a greater understanding of others and for why they behave the way they do. This sets him free to forgive and to stop judging and to stop fixing.

Wisdom through suffering, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness heals the wounded child and from their own wisdom and experiences they can then go on to assist in the healing of other wounded children.

Love & baby steps,

SG x

10 thoughts on “Healing the Wounded Child

    • Ahhh angel, after reading a few posts from your blog I thank you for the honour :o) And damn, a lovely little coincidence in time as I very much needed to re-read this post myself! #feelinglikecraptoday

      • Yes, it’s ‘give a hand, take a hand’.. Wounded healers understand each other and just how sensitive we are .. I don’t think others can truly understand. Being sensitive is kind of a curse and an amazing blessing at the same time..

      • I wholeheartedly agree. This is a hard world to live in for us sensitive people. But the level of sensitivity we have makes us great healers if we allow ourselves to be :) You’re a wonderful person, I can tell already.

      • Thank you Rebellious Qi for the kind words :o) Funny you mentioned ‘allowing ourselves to be’ I’ve been fighting the call to be a healer for so many years. Scared was not the word for my fear… more absolutely petrified (even that doesn’t cover it..) Now that I’ve finally surrendered (I put up a good and exhausting battle!) I’m following my instincts and leaving my country. I’m not quite myself at present, more an incredibly sad and somewhat reluctant mess who is also (ironically) filled with great hope and excitement for the new opportunities (whatever they may be) that lie ahead. I’m not much of a risk taker so this is huge for me..

      • Oh! So healing is a new(ish?) journey for you! I think it’s wonderful you’re finally making the change. I know how scary and uncertain it is to make that leap, I was 34yo with a wife and a kid, so to take a huge vocational change was scary. But trust in the path and you’ll be fine :) if you’d like to speak more in depth, I’m here for you. I’m on twitter if you do it: @UrbanTaoistMonk and please call me Sonny :)

      • Hi Sonny, thank you and so kind.. :o) I think I’ve always been a healer but it’s never been my career. I had a great deal of my own healing work to do (wounded healer) and it’s taken a very long time to get to this point! I feel healed but I think I have a lot to learn regarding how to manage my particular sensitivities. Also been letting go of how I wanted/ expected my life to go, and blindly trusting that there is a better/ bigger plan for me. Sounds like you’ve been here.. (Oh I’m not on twitter :o(

      • I’ve definitely been there before. I gave up so much and went through the daunting task of learning a new set of skills just as my first child was born, risking financial security in the process. But you’re right… trusting that life has better plans for you, and being open to the endless possibilities of this healing path will lead you to a place of comfort and happiness. So far, it has for me :)

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