Are You Being Robbed Of Your Well-Being

Abuse in any form robs a person of their well-being

abuse.....STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!

Psychological/ Emotional Abuse

Psychological/ Emotional abuse is considered the number one worst kind of abuse.

Not many people are aware of this. Most think of abuse as being physical.. and that is where the trap lies. You think if he/ she didn’t hit you then it isn’t abuse. Think again. Emotional abuse causes invisible wounds, but real wounds to your mind, your personality and your spirit. You can loose your potential and your self esteem.

Physical wounds can heal, these wounds take much longer.

Victims of psychological abuse can feel like they are going mad, are very frightened and confused and often feel like it’s their fault and like they are the failures. This tactic is called ‘crazy making’. ‘Crazy making’ affects people’s  minds and overtime it creates very real physical changes in their brain.

Psychological abuse is a form of abuse characterized by a person subjecting or exposing another to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, including anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Such  abuse is often associated with situations of power imbalance.

Psychological/emotional abuse is about manipulation and coercion, and affects your emotions and personality, rather than your body.

This form of abuse is often underestimated. It’s not recognized by many people because it can be subtle and hidden. It confuses your mind.

Psychological abuse includes: playing mind games; silent treatment; making threats; smashing personal belongings; hurting or threatening to hurt pets; doing anything that causes fear like driving fast; stalking; taking away your power of decision-making; limiting or stopping contact with friends and family; controlling or stopping your outings (alone or together); denying or minimising the abuse; making personal criticisms; being racist; name-calling; brandishing a weapon; getting excessively jealous; apologising after physical abuse; lying; swearing; keeping you up all night against your will; humiliating you in front of others; threatening to tell the authorities; keeping tabs on you; blaming you for the abuse; threatening suicide; enforcing their will and that their way should be followed; paranoid accusations of infidelity; threatening to use an animal like a dog to cause harm; letting the children see or hear violence; and telling you what to wear and how you should do your hair and make-up.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual assault includes: sexual coercion, rape; forcing sex; using sex as a bargaining tool so they won’t physically abuse; sexual harassment; unwanted sexual touching; forcing someone to watch pornography; infidelity against your protestations; not using contraception when asked to; forcing someone to get pregnant; denying someone the use of contraception; forcing or denying an abortion; and making someone do sexual things that hurt or cause shame.

Sexual violence to children is when an adult says sexual things, touches in a sexual way, or has any sexual contact with a child under 16.

Financial or Economic Abuse

Financial abuse can cause women and children to live in poverty. Women who are suffering financial abuse often can’t rent a flat, get a loan, or get the power or phone connected, because previous bills were unpaid or because they have a bad credit record. They may have a criminal record and fines after taking the blame for the abuser, and they often have no access to money to enable them to leave a violent situation.

Financial or economic abuse can involve: stealing your money and belongings; controlling the money so you don’t have a say in its spending or saving; giving you an ‘allowance’ that doesn’t cover the bills while spending most of the money on themselves; checking all your receipts and the mileage on the car; keeping your bank cards and cheque book; refusing to pay child support or be named as the father; using your name for loans and credit cards so that you get the debt; forcing you to sign a prenuptial agreement; forcing you to work; forcing you to sell drugs or steal; making you go on the benefit illegally; not letting you go out to work or study; and not letting you have your name on the house and other shared property.

Spiritual Violence

Abuse in any form robs people of their well-being. Spiritual abuse is about attacks to your spirit, when abuse leaves you feeling soulless, empty of passion or joy, distant, and purposeless.

Spiritual violence includes: stopping you from expressing your spiritual or religious beliefs; not letting you go to church/ temple; putting you down or making fun of your beliefs, traditions, or culture; and doing anything that attacks your spirit, psychic attacks that stop you following your dreams or passions or confuses your mind.

Physical Abuse

An abuser may use physical force against you in such forms as: threatening behavior, punching; bashing; choking; slapping; pinching; kicking; hitting with something; biting; burning with a cigarette; throwing things; strangling; pushing; pulling hair; spitting; urinating; tying up; holding down; locking in a cupboard; or using a knife, gun, belt, or any other kind of weapon.

You cannot remain healthy in an unhealthy relationship.

3 thoughts on “Are You Being Robbed Of Your Well-Being

  1. Psychological and emotional abuse really is horrible, the scars last years. For me, what hurts even deeper is the will of intent, the knowing that someone has it in their heart to harm someone, and then the great lengths they then go to to achieve their end. Gaslighting is cruel and wicked. This goes on far too much, far far too much. This controlling goes on in both personal and work relationships. Crazy. It all ends up with everyone being worse off.

  2. I get you. I also have had many years of experience dealing with narcissistic people. I spent years studying them out of sheer confusion. I will be writing about this in detail. It will give anybody a good understanding on why narcissists behave the way they do. The real reason why to avoid them, and to pity them rather than fear them.

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